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5 Perks of Giving Children More Playtime


What do you think of when you remember your childhood? Which memories have been vividly engraved in your mind? Probably, those memories are when you were playing with your family or friends.

How our children will spend their first few years in this world is a very crucial factor that determines their physical, emotional, and mental capabilities. It is during this time when they will develop habits they would be taking throughout their lifetime.

One of the best legacies we should give our children is playtime while they are young. Do you know why?

  • Healthy Weight
    Regular physical activity can help maintain a healthy weight; and this is true whatever our age is. However, the effect of physical activities in our children is greater compared to adults. Since our children engage in varied activities during playtime, they do not just burn carbohydrates but their metabolism increases while at play as well.
  • Reduced Risk to Diseases

    Playtime improves our children’s immune system. When we let them play outside, we are also giving them a chance to be exposed to healthy bacteria. Although pediatricians at Grace Pediatrics & Family Clinic, Inc. always recommend that we should emphasize the importance of cleanliness to our children, we should not overdo it and let them explore too.
    Also, playtime is the time when our children gets to exercise. Exercise among children diversifies their gut microbes; and when this type of microbes are at a healthy balance, our child’s immune system could fight off diseases better.

  • Promotes Social Skills

    Getting to play with other people is also an essential part of playtime. While at play, our children are able to explore their imagination. They can take different roles and can even become anyone while playing with other kids. Hence, it is during these times they develop valuable life lessons like independence, as well as environmental and social norms.

  • Reduces Stress

    Providers of pediatric care in Houston, Texas emphasize that stress could also negatively affect our children’s health. Children may experience stress due to academic or social pressures. They may also get emotionally stressed out because of some family issues. The best and most effective way of taking children’s emotional burden is through play.

  • Improved Learning Capabilities

    Playing encourages autonomous thinking and independent problem solving. Since children can do whatever they want during playtime, they would also want to solve things on their own. By allowing them to play, we also give them opportunities to explore and discover their potentials.

Let us allow our children to be kids. Do not put them inside a cage, instead, we should allow them to explore and playtime is their time to do this.

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