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Help! My Baby Has a Stuffy Nose!


Babies get fussy if their nose is stuffy. But there are fast ways on how to get rid of the congestion on their nose.

If your baby is down with a stuffed nose, you should not be that worried. In fact, many parents send their infants to a family clinic simply because of this problem. Children are susceptible to having colds at least six times a year. We understand it can be frightening for parents especially if their baby is sick and unable to breathe.

Grace Pediatrics & Family Clinic, Inc. gives you tips on how to kiss that congestion goodbye. Here are ways on to deal with a stuffy nose:

  • Investigate the problem 

    Before pediatricians treat children with a congested nose, they first get to the root of the problem. Most reasons why babies find it hard to breathe on a stuffed nose include:

    • A cold
    • Allergies
    • Sinus infection
  • Use saline drops Your first response to a stuffed nose is a saline drop. It is available over the counter in your trusted pharmacies. To use this, simply lay your baby on his or her back. Tilt his or her chin slightly and gently spray two or three drops on each of their nostrils.
  • Suction the mucus out You can also suction the mucus by using a bulb syringe. Let all the air out by squeezing the bulb. After, insert the tip in your little one’s nostrils and slowly release and suction out the mucus. Before repeating the same procedure on the other nostril, do not forget to wipe the syringe.
  • Take a steamy bath So that the mucus that clogs your baby’s nose loosens up, take a steamy bath with the infant. Create a steam by running the hot shower for a few minutes. While the bath is running, sit in the bathroom with your baby. Don’t let the hot water touch his or her precious skin. It may cause some burns.
  • Run a cool mist humidifier Dry air is the enemy of congestion. Moisten the air by running a cool mist humidifier. Make sure you follow the instructions when you do so and always remember to clean it. Humidifiers are the breeding ground for molds and mildew which can make the congestion worse.
  • Keep your baby hydrated If your baby stays hydrated, his or her mucus stays thin. However, if the baby doesn’t want to take their bottle or if they are having trouble nursing, use the saline drops and nasal aspirator simultaneously.
  • Hold your baby upright Keeping your baby seated upright lets gravity work on the congestion. Let him or her sit on the car seat while you keep a watchful eye.

And that is how you get rid of your little one’s nose congestion. If symptoms continue, consult your doctor.

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