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6 Things Every Parent Should Do When Their Newborns Are Sick

6 Things Every Parent Should Do When Their Newborns Are Sick
Caring for newborns is like a roller-coaster ride. There are times that things get thrilling and exciting. However, there are moments that your guts feel like reaching your throat and ready to burst out of your mouth any given time. This particular mortifying sensation commonly occurs when your little angels get sick for the first time.

Panic. For sure that is the very first thing you have ever felt. You instinctively want to heal your babies right away and relieve them of whatever difficulty they are experiencing. But you cannot just act haphazardly. If you are newbie parents, here are some pieces of advice from one of the most trusted Pediatric Care in Houston, Texas, Grace Pediatrics & Family Clinic, Inc.

  • Calm down.

    Before you attempt on doing anything, you got to calm your senses. Be sure to give yourself some opportunity to breathe. Once you got ahold of yourself, try to assess the situation. Think of your possible actions and carefully pick which ones you should go with.

  • Observe their overall condition.

    Just because your babies are crying their lungs out does not mean that they are in danger and must be rushed immediately to the hospital. Before figuring out which is the fastest way to the pediatrician, check on their temperature, pulse, and breathing. Also, look for skin discolorations and unnatural bumps.

  • Stay alert.

    Though your little ones’ condition may have calmed down now, no one can assure you that it will not change later. When your babies are feeling something, keep a closer watch on them. Be very vigilant. It is also helpful to stay in touch with your trusted doctors for immediate assistance.

  • Avoid giving them the common adult medicines.

    Children, especially the younger ones, easily catch common diseases such as colds and flu. Though these diseases can be treated with cough drops and OTC pills, do not give your child medicines without the approval of their pediatrician. Their body is still too fragile and may not adapt to the intensity of some drugs.

  • Change their clothes and diapers more often.

    When infants are sick, they tend to sweat, urinate, and defecate often. To secure their sanitation, be sure to have their change of clothes and diapers ready. Doing this will also help avoid any bacterial and viral infections.

  • Keep them hydrated.

    Especially when they are suffering from fever, the best way to bring down their temperature is through constant hydration. This also helps flush out toxins and germs.

Becoming parents is a stage that you should always treasure. Though you may become one again in your succeeding offspring, each child will bring you to a different kind of adventure. Still, need more advice on how you can take good care of your little ones? Rest assured, Grace Pediatrics & Family Clinic, Inc. is always ready to lend you a hand.

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