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4 Reasons You Should Look Forward to Well-Baby Visits

New parents surely want to know how well their baby is developing and whether or not they are receiving the kind of care they need for their age—thus, they are taking care of the infant enough. Parenthood is a huge milestone in life and the neophytes want to do it well and right. Apparently, you … Continue reading

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Let Us Talk About Umbilical Cords

Umbilical cords serve as the connection of the baby to his or her mother. It is where all the needed nutrients are sent from the mother to the fetus until it develops fully. After birth, the umbilical cord is cut off signifying that it is the start of the baby’s journey outside of the comfort … Continue reading

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Help! My Baby Has a Stuffy Nose!

Babies get fussy if their nose is stuffy. But there are fast ways on how to get rid of the congestion on their nose. If your baby is down with a stuffed nose, you should not be that worried. In fact, many parents send their infants to a family clinic simply because of this problem. … Continue reading

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Are Check-ups Only for Children?

No, check-ups are not only for children. Adults, just like every child who should visit pediatric care in Houston, Texas annually, need to get regular check-ups too. Health professionals from Grace Pediatrics & Family Clinic, Inc. stress that getting annual check-ups is equally important to both kids and adults. Here are a few reasons why: … Continue reading

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5 Perks of Giving Children More Playtime

What do you think of when you remember your childhood? Which memories have been vividly engraved in your mind? Probably, those memories are when you were playing with your family or friends. How our children will spend their first few years in this world is a very crucial factor that determines their physical, emotional, and … Continue reading

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