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Is Your Child Fit for Playing Sports?

Is Your Child Fit for Playing Sports?

Your child’s special talents don’t come out right away. It takes a safe and comfortable environment for them to unleash their potentials. As a parent or a guardian, you must be concerned with your child’s physical fitness, as well as his interests. You might be wondering if your child is fit enough to formally train in a sport he can play. Here’s how you can spot the signs of a sports-ready kid:

  • Age

    Remember that your little one is still growing day by day. Your child needs to develop some skills and body functions that will make it necessary for him to focus on a particular sport. For children aged three to five years old, you can let your child train in basic skills such as running and swimming. Children in their preschool and kindergarten years still have a short attention span, and are still adjusting to meeting new people. It is best to let them focus on sports that are not yet highly-organized or one that doesn’t require a lot of rules.

    Team play and obedience to rules becomes more important for children who are starting formal and proper education. Children between the ages six to ten years old can now join sports that can get complicated as you progress in training. But as your child enters the puberty stage, he might need to adjust to the changes in his body again. This should not be considered as a lack of talent or skill. Instead, you should be there to encourage your child to work and play harder.

  • Interest

    Of course you can’t push your child to do something he doesn’t love. You can see your child’s interest by taking a look at him during physical education class. Does your child participate well? Do you think your child will enjoy a healthy competition with other children? Does your child tell you stories about how he enjoyed a physical activity?

  • Health

    Aside from the abovementioned signs, you need to consider your child’s health as well. Sports can lead to injuries and illnesses if your child is not careful. Sometimes, accidents can happen even if you didn’t wish for it. If you can’t bear seeing your child suffering from fatigue or physical pain brought by the sport, then you should think twice. But this time, your judgement will have a factual basis if you consult a doctor. Your pediatrician can conduct a checkup on your child to see if he is physically fit for that particular sport. Aside from you, your doctor surely knows how your child’s body works. Before you send your child for training, always be ready for your child’s health.

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