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Parents’ Guide: 6 Baby Steps to Take to Overcome Childhood Obesity

Parents’ Guide: 6 Baby Steps to Take to Overcome Childhood Obesity
When children are plump, they are considered as “chubby”. However, the charm of having a rounded face and bouncy tummy should no longer be tolerated if your child is medically considered as “obese”. As parents, we should take immediate action upon this pressing matter. We do not want our kids to be skinny – what we want them to become is “healthy”.

Helping a child lose and maintain the same weight is not easy. Unlike adults, you cannot force them to go on crazy diets and extreme gym routines. So as a guardian, how can you help? Here is what Grace Pediatrics & Family Clinic, Inc., a provider of Pediatric Care in Houston, Texas, can advise you:

  • Initiate proper meals, not necessarily lesser servings.

    It is a common myth that obese children should be served with little to no food portions. Depending on your little critters’ situations, sometimes, diet is not even necessary. What most dieticians encourage is a change of food palette. Whip up meals that involve more greens and other natural sources. Avoid giving them snacks, like chips and ice cream too often.

  • Limit their time on gadgets.

    One of the biggest reasons why obesity is a growing problem among parents is that children tend to spend more of their time on computers, smartphones, and other consoles. Without physical interactions, their bodies will remain untoned.

  • Encourage them to have exciting physical activities.

    A strict diet will definitely help your babies cut some pounds but the same is not complete without exercise. Show your kids that engaging themselves in sports and other physical endeavors are fun. Let them experience new things and be sure to support them every step of the way.

  • Make sure they get a proper amount of sleep daily.

    Sleep balances the hormones responsible for feeling full and hungry. It has been proven that children with poorer sleeping habits tend to get hungrier and eat more. And if irregular sleep happens often, obesity becomes an inevitable result.

  • Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on them.

    Though you want them to succeed in their weight loss journey but try not to be too hard on them. They are still kids. Be gentle, otherwise, you will break their hearts.

  • Be very supportive.

    While on the sidelines, show them gestures of encouragement. Show them that you will never leave them until they complete their journey.

Aside from obesity, there are several issues that threaten the complete wellness of your beloved angels. Do not let any of those threats bar them from achieving an enjoyable and healthy childhood! At Grace Pediatrics & Family Clinic, Inc., we will help you achieve that goal.

Our team is composed of experienced and highly skilled medical professionals dedicated only to deliver unmatched services to our every client. Our family clinic will strive its hardest to give you the care you and your family truly deserve.

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