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4 Reasons You Should Look Forward to Well-Baby Visits

New parents surely want to know how well their baby is developing and whether or not they are receiving the kind of care they need for their age—thus, they are taking care of the infant enough. Parenthood is a huge milestone in life and the neophytes want to do it well and right. Apparently, you … Continue reading

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Are Check-ups Only for Children?

No, check-ups are not only for children. Adults, just like every child who should visit pediatric care in Houston, Texas annually, need to get regular check-ups too. Health professionals from Grace Pediatrics & Family Clinic, Inc. stress that getting annual check-ups is equally important to both kids and adults. Here are a few reasons why: … Continue reading

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6 Things Every Parent Should Do When Their Newborns Are Sick

Caring for newborns is like a roller-coaster ride. There are times that things get thrilling and exciting. However, there are moments that your guts feel like reaching your throat and ready to burst out of your mouth any given time. This particular mortifying sensation commonly occurs when your little angels get sick for the first … Continue reading

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Parents’ Guide: 6 Baby Steps to Take to Overcome Childhood Obesity

When children are plump, they are considered as “chubby”. However, the charm of having a rounded face and bouncy tummy should no longer be tolerated if your child is medically considered as “obese”. As parents, we should take immediate action upon this pressing matter. We do not want our kids to be skinny – what … Continue reading

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8 Types of Eczema (Part 2)

The list below are more types of Eczema that you must be aware of: Hand Eczema Often, Hand Eczema affects people who work with their hands and come into regular contact with chemicals or irritants. Symptoms of Hand Eczema include: Redness and itching of hands and palms Dry, cracking, painful blisters Neurodermatitis/Lichen Simplex Chronicus Lichen … Continue reading

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